Primary Firmware Download

Bob Beers bbeers at
Tue Aug 5 10:10:29 EDT 2003

Pavel Roskin wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Bob Beers wrote:
>>What is the exact procedure to follow to make this happen on an
>>already deployed box?
> [snip]
>>I just want to be safe.
> I don't think anybody can write this procedure without careful testing
> with your hardware.  Testing is the key to being safe.  That said, the
> sequence should be approximately following:

Thanks, I agree.  But I haven't seen it spelled out in the list or in 
the documentation, so I thought I'd ask the question.  Perhaps I should 
have asked recommended vs. exact.

> update the driver and prism2_srec

A few more details for the record (correct me if I'm wrong anywhere).
Get CVS snapshot dated >= 2003-08-0? (Aug. 3rd?)
And, if you haven't already built your hostap driver modules
to support firmware download, uncomment the line:
in hostap/driver/modules/hostap_config.h (~line number 43).

Then make your hostap modules and utils.

Transfer the download capable driver modules, the prism2_srec,
and the .hex files to the deployed box.

> bring the interface down
> unload the hostap_pci module
> load the hostap_pci module

Load the firmware download capable driver :-)

> run "prism2_srec wlan0 PK010101.HEX SF010704.HEX"
> check output for errors
> run "prism2_srec -f wlan0 PK010101.HEX SF010704.HEX"
> check the kernel log to make sure the firmware has been updated
> restart the software working with interface
> test that the interface is functioning

I'll be trying this out today.

Thanks again,

-Bob Beers

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