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Jerry mrcool at
Mon Aug 4 12:16:42 EDT 2003

In a previous post, i was hoping to get some input as to what the rest of you were seeing in the wild as to how signal strength varies from day to day.  For example, Friday morning, i couldnt go anywhere. Signal strength appeared normal, but would not do anything, Aparently was dropping most packets.

By Friday evening, was working normal.  And over the weekend, worked better than ever, with signal strength higher than normal, and decent bandwidth (3 times avg).  Then again this morning (monday) is back to useless, with avg signal strength, but extreme packet loss (68% loss on a ping test this morning).  

Friday morning i reset the computer that is my router (reboot hostap machine), this didnt do any good at the time.  Has anyone else seen this kind of fluctuation?  (does anyone else care?) 

On topic question... is there a way to poll the card for the current image in use?  The reason i ask is: I wonder if the card is resetting itself then reverting back to original image (i ram upload 1.5.6 over 1.4.9), perhaps this has something to do with it.   Also, how "accurate" is the signal strength value returned with iwconfig?  As mine always seems to return the same value most every time... (32/92) <-- how would one interpret this value? 32 of 92 possible (or 1/3, roughly, signal?)  


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