prism cards

Jay Zhang jzh at
Mon Aug 4 11:44:27 EDT 2003

Prism based cards are hard to find now.

Helpful information about chip set:

and don't buy anything mentioned in
Those are all Atmel based cards.

In addition, I confirm that Belkin F5D6050 USB is Atmel based now
And Netgear MA 111 USB is not Prism based anymore. I don't recommend 
Hawking cards neither as they never reply tech support requests.

I settled down with EnGenius/senoao EL-2511 UB card as I was looking for 
USB cards. I believe the 2511 PCMCIA version is also still prism based. 
And EnGenius is well know for its better range and sensitivity.

Search "engenius 2511" at will give you a good list 
of them.

Good luck


Vicente Paredes wrote:
> Hello
> I have been looking for prism based wireless cards, but i havent find
> them. Actually exists card with this chip?
> Please tell me because all i have found are new versions of the cards
> which dont use this chip.
> Plese help me, or tell me if exist another option like a gateway for
> example with other cards.
> Thanks in advance

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