Flaky connection with latest CVS version

Michael Guntsche mike at it-loops.com
Sun Aug 3 15:30:54 EDT 2003


> Host AP verifies STA activity every five minutes by sending a poll frame
> to the STA. If STA does not reply, it will be disassociated. It looks
> like this verification is not working in your setup. Which station
> firmware version are you using? Are you using hostapd or only kernel
> driver for 802.11 management?

I am using volatile PRI 1.1.4 + volatile STA 1.7.4 thanks to the latest changes in CVS,
and kernel driver 802.11 management.

I did further tests and I think I found out whats causing the problem.
It is related to power management.

If I enable power management on the PCCARD (my default set-up) via 

	iwconfig power timeout 3

(No PM on the AP-Machine)

and let the connection idle for some time, I get the re-association.
I cannot reproduce the behaviour if I disable power management with

	iwconfig power off

Since you said that hostap is sending a poll frame every 5 minutes I think the following is happening.

1.) PCCARD goes to "sleep" after three seconds.
2.) My AP sends a poll after 5 minutes
3.) For some reason the PCCARD is not answering and the AP kicks it out, sending a message.
4.) PCCARD wakes up and re-associates itself.

Could this be the problem?


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