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Luisa Caeiro lcaeiro at est.ips.pt
Sun Aug 3 11:58:05 EDT 2003

Hi all,

According to Prism2 Driver Programmer's Manual to MAC PRISM transmit (after write a packet in the buffer):
    . the driver need to write tx command to Command register
    . the firmware puts frame (referenced by FID) on the transmit queue for further processing and waits for transmit to complete
    . the firmware ackowledge frame transmition with a TX bit on EVSTAT or indicates failure with TXEXC on EVSTAT.   

In the driver (according my understand):
    . prism2_transmit function writes the TX command to Command register
    . prism2_cmd_ev function is called from prism2_interrupt 
after a event command generated by the firmware
    . prism2_interrupt gives the event stat generated by the firmware (I suppose the TX or TXexc after the transmit command) 
    . according to the event identified calls the correspondig function or schedules the corresponding tasklet (for tx events prism2_tx_ev or prism2_txexc). 
Is this correct? Do I need to activate some parameter to have this behaviour?
Because, I'm trying to follow this procedure and after a prism2_transmit call I can't see any tx or txexc event.

Thanks in advance

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