[PATCH] Kernel panic in hostap_pci

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Sat Aug 2 20:37:10 EDT 2003


If the secondary firmware is not functioning properly and fid allocation
fails, hostap_pci decides that it should not serve the device, tries to
free all resources and crashes.

There are two issues here.  One is that the driver should still accept the
device and mark it as "braindead" to allow firmware download, but no
network operations.  This may fix loading secondary firmware after the
primary firmware was loaded in a separate operation.

The other issue is the crash itself.  That was easy.  free_irq uses
dev->irq, but dev is allocated inside local, which is freed already at
that point.  hostap_plx does it right, by the way.

The patch is attached.

Pavel Roskin
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