SMP Frequent Lockups

Eduardo Kaftanski eduardo at
Sat Aug 2 12:56:52 EDT 2003

> Could you please first verify couple of things:
> 1) if you boot non-SMP kernel and try the latest CVS version of Host AP
>    driver, the host does not crash (at least frequently)
> 2) can you enable NMI watchdog? (see Linux kernel
>    Documentation/nmi_watchdog.txt; verify that NMI counter increases in
>    /proc/interrupts)
> Unfortunately, I have been only able to test with hostap_cs and
> hostap_plx on an SMP host and I was unable to crash the box. Since you
> have a card using hostap_pci, it would be nice to get more testing on
> that.
> Before doing any changes to the driver, I would like to know whether you
> can get any output from the lockup when using SMP-kernel. I would
> suggest enabling NMI watchdog, moving to text mode, setting console
> logging level to maximum ('dmesg -n 8'). Then do whatever is needed to
> hang the system. Wait about 10 seconds and hope that something will be
> printed on screen.

I can do that tonight and report... how can I enable the watchdog?

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