TX events

caeiro lcaeiro at est.ips.pt
Fri Aug 1 17:03:57 EDT 2003

Thanks a lot, but I need to have this knowledge on driver level (I'm using a
version of  2-03-2003) because I want to control the tx buffers on the card.
Is that available on this level?


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&gt; caeiro wrote :<BR>
&gt; &gt; <BR>
&gt; &gt; How can I know when a data packet is sent from the card tx
&gt; <BR>
&gt; 	/proc/net/dev will increase<BR>
&gt; <BR>
&gt; &gt; Can I receive TX ok and TX exc events in the driver?<BR>
&gt; <BR>
&gt; 	For most practical purpose, you only need &quot;TX exc&quot;, and it
&gt; available as an iwevent (WE-14 and later).<BR>
&gt; <BR>
&gt; &gt; I need to activate something?<BR>
&gt; <BR>
&gt; 	You need WE-14 (2.4.20 or later), Wireless Tools v24 or later,<BR>
&gt; and a driver that support Wireless Events (HostAP v0.0.1 or<BR>
&gt; later). And you need to read the man page of iwevent.<BR>
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