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Jerry mrcool at
Fri Aug 1 13:11:55 EDT 2003

Hello all, i was wondering if you all had noticed some of the same things i have...

Does it seem like some days signal is better than others?   For instance, this morning (USA, CDT, 7ish), my signal was so weak that i couldnt get any webpages to come up at all ("Web site found, waiting for reply..." but nothing would load), trillian seems to work (I guess it doesnt need much bandwidth), but email definately doesnt.

Granted, i have a long link (12ish miles), but it usually works "better" in the morninig than later on in the day.  I read somewhere that sunlight has a tendency to reduce signal strength some, as well as sunspots being a problem.  I know that FM radio wouldnt necessarily be affected by the same things as 2.4Ghz, but the radio station i normally listen to wouldnt come in much either this morning, this being opposite to what i had observed prior  (poor FM recption, better 2.4, and vice-versa).

Sometimes at night my signal is as much as twice the strength of the daytime signal (which means at night my bandwidth has a tendency to increase, even though it may be peak inet usage in my area...southeast Kansas USA).  Are these observations roughly the same as you all find in the wild? or am i just crazy (matter of opinion  ;).

one last question... Is the info returned by wifimon accurate? as it said i had plenty (average) signal this morning, but it dint want to go anywhere... Sorry if this is off topic, but i will appreciate everyones input on this, and i think everyone can get some use from the discussion, as its the basis of all hostap does.

Thanks for all input...

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