Unautorizing station problem

cupid90 at samsung.co.kr cupid90 at samsung.co.kr
Mon Dec 23 06:22:21 EST 2002

Dear. host ap administrators,

I am testing HOSTAP solution in my linux PC.
I want to use my PC with access point.

I got the package and compiled and loading HOSTAP driver with hostapd(hostap daemon).
and It was succeeded scanning AP(access point) in my the other PC(PCI client wireless card).

The following information is my test environments.
Both samsung wireless cards are using the intersil chipset.

PC-1(linux)    < -------------------------------------- >    PC-2(windows)
Samsung MagicLan pcmcia type Wireless card             Samsung MagicLan PCI type Wireless card
used HostAP driver and hostapd				mode:infrastructure
mode: Master(configured with iwconfig)

<test result>

Association was succeeded. but after authentication suceeded. hostapd report "IEEE 802.1X: Unauthorizing station xx:xx..."
I don't know the reason. I changed various variables with iwpriv and prism2_param tools. but I failed.
and then I found some errors in directory /proc/net/hostap/wlan0/stats. the errors was occurred in item "RxFCSErrors=9650".

If show the configuration of "ifconfig"

lo Link encap: Local loopback...
   inet addr:

wlan0 Link encap: Ethernet Hwaddr: .....
   inet addr: xx.xx.xx.xx

wlan0ap Link encap:UNSPEC Hwaddr:......  => WHY "Link encap" is "UNSPEC". let me know the reason.

and iwconfig

wlan0 IEEE 802.11-b ESSID:"test" ....
      Mode:Master Freq: ...........

I am testing on WEP "off" in both side of PC.
Can you advise for me?
I am searching and reading many documents.

If ping is good, I am supposed to stack the bridge protocol or route protocol.



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