802.1X Unicast Keys?

raghu at sraamerica.com raghu at sraamerica.com
Sun Dec 22 03:23:55 EST 2002

> I have never tested unicast keys without setting broadcast keys with
> .1x. Are you setting broadcast keys manually for both the stations and
> AP? I would suggest trying with both -i13 and -b13 on the same command
> line to get both keys set automatically. Please let me know, if there is

I was not trying any manual broadcast key settings, Since
I was under the impression that using 1X, we can set either
broadcast keys(-b) or Unicast keys(-i) or both(-b & -i).
So I started with -b13 option, but since -i13 option
failed, I didnot proceed further to try -b13 & -i13 on the
same command. Thankyou very much for your suggestion, 
I will try this now.

> a valid setup in which one would want to use only unicast keys with .1x
> and I'll take a closer look at the implementation.

In Mobile IP scenario, Setting Broadcast key to the roaming
STA in the foreign n/w doesnot add any value, IMHO.

A small favor, Please CC me as I am only subscribed to the digest.


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