Fw: Forcing handover

Pedro Estrela pedro.estrela at inesc.pt
Fri Dec 20 11:20:38 EST 2002

> Hi,
> > As a testcase, I would like to examine the hanoff procedure between
> > points. I managed to configure 2 APs with HostAP and I'm now looking for
> > way to force a handover between APs.
> >
> > Can I use iwconfig wlan0 txpower on the APs and hope that the MN will
> > notice the drop in quality?
> Yes, This is the best way to emulate the actul movement of one station
> between the Access Points. Using a very simple script and rsh (remote
> i was able to test what happens in the handover, by performing it many,
> times, without actually moving around the terminal.
> Pedro Estrela

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