AP pings client, client not pinging AP, why?

ariel at fismat.umich.mx ariel at fismat.umich.mx
Wed Dec 18 12:34:10 EST 2002


You guys rock! im just beggining with this wireless thing and im impressed.
I finally got my Linksys WPC11 card working on linux as an AP.

But now i have another problem, my client (WinME Box + WMP11 PCI). Detects
de AP and in the Linksys Config Maganer (or somthing like that) it gets
connected and even shows a 80% link quality, in additon the AP can ping
the WinMe box.

The problem: Even thought the AP can ping the WinMe Box , the WinMe
box( cannot ping the AP (
The AP cannot do a smbclient session with de billy'$ box...
i cant establish any kind of conection with the AP from the billy'$ box.

Strange thing: I configured SMB using SWAT and the WinMe box can see the
Smbserver, yes it appears in the WinExplorer, but i cant connect.

i thought first that it was a firewall problem, so i deactivated totally
my firewall. Also, if i connect my 2 compus using ethernet there is not
any problem.

Ariel Molina

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