CISCO 350 card--> the open HOSTAP Challenge ...

Daniel Feldman dan at
Tue Dec 17 17:55:36 EST 2002

 My apologizes for first using hotmail to send out an HTML draft of
this email. (i guess it got all messed up, thanks Jason for the heads up)

to begin ... over 37 hours spent working out this problem ... so
 far no success...

The goal: to get a public IP address (via PPPOE) on the win2k box
 via a win2k - cisco350 card - air - cisco350 card - Linux - 3com card -
adsl device...

I have two computers... (yay)
1. sony viao laptop p233 Debian 2.4.18 - Cisco 350 pcmcia - and 3com pcmcia
patched to ADSL device.

2. thinkpad - win2k - Cisco 350 pcmcia (primary workstation)

I want to have the win2k box able to wirelessly get on the internet with the
public IP. I need to pppoe running in general to get on the big "I" via my
adsl ISP... so my solution thus far is to pppoe from the linux box and
iptables masq 192.168 for the win2k.... yay! i have internet connectivity on
the win2k but my ideal solution would be to raspppoe through the linux box
so to get the public IP on the win2k...  when I replace the wireless
adhoc(yuck) connection between the two with a wired one (swap out the cisco
350 in the linux and use another 3com pcmcia card I got lying around and
crossover into the builtin eth on the thinkpad), the BRCTL bridging stuff

the ff.ff.ff.ff MAC broadcast from the win2k is propagated across the bridge
.. the adsl device replies with its MAC..then the win2k box sends a directed
MAC packet to the adsl device ... SUCCESS!! the raspppoe establishes and
wa-la I have the public IP on the win2k.

the motivation: lets just say there is a beautiful lady across the pond
which I would like to netmeeting with but do not want to go through the
trouble of running through a h323 gateway...tried it but its hard to get
such a fair thing to work out those gatekeeper junk commands in a
swiss-german localed pc :-(

of course the two cisco350's are adhoc for previously mentioned current
setup to work wirelessly BUT not its no able to get the darn public IP on
the win2k box...  here is what I try when on the linux, I kill the pppoe
session... replace the wired solution with the cisco350 pcmcia ..then brctl
(bridge) the two eth's (eth0-3com eth1-cisco350) and then try to raspppoe
from the win2k box...  BUT when I try to do this via the ad-hoc wireless
(350 to 350) connection.. its seems (from ethereal running
 on the linux eth1) that after the ADSL device replies with its MAC .. the
win2k box will then send a packet ONLY TO the MAC of the linux cisco 350
card... (darn you cisco win2k ad-hoc mode)

SO THE OPEN HOSTAP CHALLENGE is for someone to work out the cisco350 hostap
solution so that I can video conf with my baby overseas!!! I believe with
one of these cards in AP mode and the other associating.. I will not have
the layer-2 limitation that I currently have when running in adhoc mode.

I PUT THIS CHALLEGE TO YOU!! I know "you" can do it.(in fact from scouring
this archive... someone has kinda.... besides is must burn you that cisco's
AP costs $600.. with no free solution for cisco cards....) lets make this
thing happen in linux... some one has said it may require a modified airo.o
or something.. whatever... just lets do this thing... and since im begging
into the wind..
 why not write a nice howto for it once its done...
you all rock hard! thanks in advance...


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