Hostap and 802.1X

Nikhil Chauhan sec4wlan at
Tue Dec 17 08:48:49 EST 2002


I'm in the process of implementing the 802.1x functionality alongwith the key

handshaking (Pairwise key handshake and the Group handshake). I'm using

the Open1x source code to achieve the same.


I've been able to test the xsupplicant functionality on a linux machine with

Systemonic's WLAN card. I've used Cisco's AP350 as the authenticator and 

FreeRadius as the authentication server. Open1x code seems fine till it receives an 

EAPOL-Key message. I've been able to get the xsupplicant authenticated, and the 

connection looks good (I'm able to ping the Auth server from the xsupplicant). 


Now, I wish to test the authenticator functionality of the Open1x. It seems the 

authenticator doesn't have a proper functioning Key transmit state machine as

well as the key receive state machine. My questions are based on the above tests:

1. Can the HostAP code be used in place of the open1x authenticator? What 

    relation do they have with each other?

2. Does the HostAP support the 4-way pairwise key and the group key handshaking

    thereby installing the keys? If no, is there any other freeware to achieve this?

Thanks in advance,

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