using a bridge....i think

Doug Yeager doug at
Sat Dec 14 15:49:59 EST 2002

k, for all those network designers out there. i think this question is 
fairly simple one.
i have an appartment complex that wants wireless. i've never put it more 
than one access point...but this will require more than one. i would think 
it is really neat if you could roam between them but it is o.k. if you 
can't...not a biggy.
what i want to do is this:
T1 coming into the building to an access point. then i want to place other 
AP's in various rooms in the building acting as AP's also because it is 
bigger than a radius of 300 feet so that one AP could not handle all rooms.
in order to use one T1 internet connection, is it possible to connect AP's 
together without wires? or do i need to wire all AP's together on a wired 
network? it would be totolly great if i could just route all traffic over 
wireless from one AP to another....eliminating the need to wire anything up 
for this.
also, am i getting into a situation where a "bridge" might be required to 
do this. any docs on this and how to use one DHCPD server to handle all 
AP's would be much appreciated.

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