Linksys WPC 11

Jason Boxman jasonb at
Sat Dec 14 13:15:15 EST 2002

On Saturday 14 December 2002 01:11 pm, Gary Huntress wrote:
> Ok....minor success.....  iwconfig reported mode master, rather than mode
> managed, and now I can get online ok.
> However the secondary problem that I reported in my original email still
> persists that if I unplug the card I get "hostap_cs:  release postponed"
> and I can't plug it back in.
> what would I need to do to properly release the driver?

My guess would be that the hostap modules are still loaded when you remove the 
card, so you can't plug it back in.  But it's only a guess.  You can do an 
'lsmod' after you remove the device to be sure.  (I've yet to use Linux on my 

> Gary


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