TXPOWER has no impact on ZCOM XI-325H?

Vladimir Ivaschenko hazard at hazard.maks.net
Fri Dec 13 21:36:34 EST 2002

Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 03:27:28AM -0100 Pavel Vondricka wrote about Re: TXPOWER has no impact on ZCOM XI-325H?

> > I guess so. XI-626 looks to be a PCI card based on standard Intersil
> > Prism2 design (14 dBm), so it's not surprising that it will work.
> The basic version XI-325 should be completely the same as XI-626. Same output 
> power, aso. So, is it or is it not? Can I change the output power there?

XI-325 uses Prism 2.5 chipset which has much better sensitivity (and,
according to my tests, stability). Also there is 100 mW version, I'm not
sure if they label it as XI-325H or not. 

> BTW: I thought that XI-325H also has Intersils Prism chipset. Or is it just 
> the amplifier that is different?

It is. The amplifier part is different.

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Vladimir Ivaschenko

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