hostap_plx switching off encryption?

Simon Waters Simon at
Fri Dec 13 10:25:50 EST 2002

Vladimir Ivaschenko wrote:
> As far as I understand you're talking about WISP-Dist. I'm the developer
> of this distribution. 

Big thanks! It is brillant.

> To be honest from your description I don't
> understand whether the problem is in the WISP-Dist or in the driver.

I'm not 100% sure either, but I think the driver/firmware is
misbehaving, as I can't switch off encryption with iwconfig at
the command line. It could also be iwconfig/wireless tools or

(I loaded the hacked 1.4.9 for Linksys card on PLX I found
lurking in the list, although it looks like others found a
download at Intersil that works).

When I understand what is wrong with iwconfig I'll let you know
if the scripts in WISP need changing!

The issue from a WISP perspective is what is left in
/etc/network/wireless.config ENC and KEY setting, when
encryption is switched off in the menu's (after being on)
doesn't leave me with an access point with encryption disabled.
It is possible to vi out the fields, and then things work okay
on a reboot, but I think this is more a workaround, I don't
think WISP needs modifying, I think it issues the right
commands, but they have the wrong effect.

I can't believe I'm alone with this configuration of hardware,
does anyone else has a hostap_plx with Linksys PLX and ver 3.0
PCMCIA cards, where "iwconfig wlan0 enc off" doesn't seem to

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