hostap_plx switching off encryption?

Simon Waters Simon at
Fri Dec 13 00:32:56 EST 2002

Had trouble switching of hostap_plx encryption on WISP (using
Linksys cards with 1.4.9).

The menuing system has a minor bug, which slowed me down a
little, but I couldn't manually issue iwconfig command to switch
encryption off.

Should both "iwconfig wlan0 key off" and "iwconfig wlan0 enc
off" switch off encryption, I couldn't persuade WISP to do this
when hostap_plx was in MASTER mode, in the end I had to "vi
/etc/network/wireless.config", commit to flash, and reboot.

Minor issue but I'd like to understand it fully, as I need to
explain all the failures to network.


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