HostAP with 3Com 3CRWE737A?

jade k jadeks at
Tue Dec 10 04:42:05 EST 2002

Hi ,
Does anyone have run the hostAP with 3Com 3CRWE737A
AirConnect Wireless LAN PC Card ?
I understand that the 3com card is based on symbol's
modified Prism2 design. I've tried running both the
hostAP release 05-02-2001 and 12-10-2002 with 3com
card. WLAN0 device can up but seems it doesn't work.
Also , the notebook install with win2000/3COM card
can't talk to the HostAP based AP(with Linkup WPC11),
any suggestions to make the AP support 3COM Airconnect
Yours help will be very much appreciate, Thanks!

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