2002-10-12 monitor mode

Bichot Guillaume (Princeton) BichotG at tce.com
Tue Dec 10 11:57:48 EST 2002

I guess the only mentionned problem I'm aware was about the method to set-up
the monitor mode: the deprecated method (iwpriv) has a bug. 

I found that some time, switching to the monitor mode, the incoming frames
are wrong. I mean running wlansniff I found that there is a shift in the
data packet delivered to the user space in such a way the wlansniff
misinterprets the header. Ethereal is also unable to interprets correctly
the frames as well. To solve the problem I have to switch back to the
managed mode and switch back to the monitor mode (need sometime several back
and forth until the things go right). I have to add that I use the monitor
mode with the frequency I want to listen (i.e. iwconfig wlan0 freq
"2.437ghz" mode "monitor").

I'm using the Linksys WPC 11 PCMCIA card (manfid 0x274, 0x1613).


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> Hi all,
> From the mailing list archive, I found that Jouni Malinen's 
> reply about the bug in exisiting 2002-10-12 version for 
> monitor mode configuration. Is there any way to fix the bug 
> right now? Thanks
> Min
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