Zcomax 200mw Card And Tx-Power

Vladimir Ivaschenko hazard at hazard.maks.net
Mon Dec 9 17:02:21 EST 2002

>From what I know Zcomax use their own amplifier design and its output
power cannot be changed via standard Manual TxPwr setting. Also it does
not report current power correctly as well.

>From what I remember when you change the power manually the driver starts
to report the power you have set instead of getting it from the card which
would explain why iwconfig says that you have 23db power.

Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 10:09:03AM -0600 Michael Shuler wrote about Zcomax 200mw Card And Tx-Power
> Earlier in the mailing list I noticed an email about Tx-Power capping.
> Essentially it said (if I understood it correctly) that the power will
> always be capped at 20db.  However Zcomax now makes a 200mw (23db) card.
> I'm using 'iwconfig wlan0 tx-power 23' and it seems to work, i.e. I type
> 'iwconfig' and it shows 23db power...but I guess based off the previous
> email in the mailing list, is it actually setting it to 23db or is it
> capping it at 20db?
> Also I have noticed when inserting a card and putting it into 'Master'
> mode the tx-power seems to take on a random power level...is this a bug
> in hostap/wireless tools or something wrong with the Zcomax?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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