HostAP IEEE 802.1x modifications

Oleg Izhvanov oleg.izhvanov at
Mon Dec 9 09:36:47 EST 2002

Jouni Malinen wrote:

>I removed MSB setting of key index from hostapd_rotate_wep() since it
>looked like a workaround for WinXP Supplicant and I would guess it
>should be in more generic place. Similar behavior is now available with
>separate command line option '-w'. Do you have any extra information
>about the WinXP Supplicant operations? At least, setting this bit did
>not fix my WinXP Supplicant.

Setting this bit was the workaround for WLAN card, that is yet being 
developed, not
for XP supplicant.  Setting this bit  is a directive for XP supplicant 
to set the default key
(not the unicast one, but one with indexes from 1 to 4) active. 

There is a way to enable debugging messages in WinXP for EAPOL
related stuff. Just look into following entry in your registry :


All parameters there are self-explanatory, though I haven't managed to 
get console
tracing work, though file tracing worked just fine.

The problem I discovered that XP supplicant doesn't like your replay 
counter fields.
The gettimeofday() call, which was used as replay counter didn't work 
correctly, because
those 8 bytes, generated by it was not constantly growing (struct 
timeval consists of two
longs that leads to machine endian dependency for this field). At least 
this problem
was fixed by the NTP patch.

>I haven't merged this in yet. I'm going to change the patch a bit and
>call it something else.. It should work also with Prism-based card when
>using Host AP driver without hostapd (i.e., kernel driver performing
>802.11 auth/assoc).
If you need help just let me know.

Best regards, Oleg

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