802.1x with WinXP

Brian Pomerantz bapper at piratehaven.org
Mon Dec 9 00:55:47 EST 2002

On Sun, Dec 08, 2002 at 08:33:48PM -0800, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> I would really need to get more debug info out of the WinXP Supplicant,
> so if someone happens to have good contact info for Microsoft
> developers/support, please let me know. Should someone have (or can
> easily make) a frame dump (i.e., sniffed from the wireless media) of a
> successful 802.1x exchange using WinXP Supplicant and any .1x
> Authenticator/Auth Server, it might be useful in comparing what could go
> wrong. This dump would need to include WEP key exchange using EAPOL-Key
> frame.

If no one gets you one before tomorrow, then I'll get a trace of an
agere AP2000, Cisco 350, and our AP.  We had a bit of a problem
getting this to work as well.  Right now, I think we don't derive the
keys, we just send new ones that we generate.


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