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Linux Rocks! linux at rocksolidnetworks.com
Sun Dec 8 23:37:57 EST 2002

Im thinking I have hostap setup right (although I dont really know, but Im not 
getting any obvious erors..) However I still cant connect to it. If setup 
dhcpd on wlan0. Im trying to use the windows laptop to connect with it, and I 
have many options that I dont really know what to set. Heres a list:
Mode: AdHoc, 802.11 AdHoc, Infrastructure
SSID (im using "blah")
Ethernet Conversion: RFC1042, Excapsulated, 802.1h
I have the TX rate set to Fully Automatic
WEP Disabled (no need to add complications untill I get something working)
PS Mode: disabled (same as above)
Channel: 11

On the hostap_cs.conf Im using these options:
module "hostap_cs" opts "channel=11 iw_mode=3 essid=blah ignore_cis_vcc=1"

Eventually I will want to use a linux workstation too, should I use hostap 
module for the workstation? or should I use orinoco_cs? and how should I 
configure it?

Is there a simple cheatsheet type thing that has definitions of things? It 
would be really handy If I could have a single page that explained wireless 
terms such as adhoc, essid, tx rate, ....


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