ad-hoc works but master does not

Doug Yeager doug at
Sat Dec 7 23:48:30 EST 2002

1.4.2 firmware didn't work for me for master no matter what i tried.
i updated to 1.4.9 and actually to 1.5.6 now and all is good.  update your 
firmware and i'll bet it works.
i would like to know also, as i have mac users try i'm sure....don't know 
if they are successful. :)

At 08:29 PM 12/07/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>redhat 8.0 - master
>mac os x.2 - client
>cannot see access point when redhat box is in master mode only in ad-hoc 
>mode.  i have the non broadcom linksys wmp11 pci card (1.4.2 firmware) in 
>the rh box.
>btw kernel 2.4.20
>help, pls
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