802.1x with WinXP

marcb at softhome.net marcb at softhome.net
Sat Dec 7 20:44:38 EST 2002

Thanks for the help... 

but I tried the patch and unfortunately it doesn't seem to make any 
difference to the problem. 

Following Jouni's suggestion that the problem might be with WinXP SP1...  I 
had a look at the Microsoft knowledgebase.  They have an article there 
describing pretty much the behaviour I'm seeing (from a WinXp 
persepective)..  and they say that WinXP SP1 cannot receive or process 
multiple EAPOL keys. 

 From my crude understanding of the what is happening... the WinXp machine is 
authenticating once...  and then authenticating again...  before it drops 
out.  Does that mean it is receiving two different keys, which Microsoft 
seem to think WinXp cannot handle?

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