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Jouni Malinen jkmaline at
Fri Dec 6 22:34:39 EST 2002

On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 01:12:51PM -0800, Owen Shoemaker wrote:

> problem is that even after authenticating and verifying that I am 
> authenticated on the AP I can't get any IP connectivity.  Does anyone 
> know of any good documentation other than the PRISM2 readme?  Maybe 
> tips on network config and startup scripts?

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any good documentation for
hostapd at the moment. I have written only minimal amount of
documentation that should be enough to get people started with it. I
would still consider 802.1x code in hostapd to be in experimental and
evolving state, so documenting it has not been my first priority. In
addition, getting FreeRADIUS compiled and running with EAP/TLS is not
exactly trivial thing yet (requirements for different openssl versions,
etc.). Anyway, I hope that there will be more thorough documentation
available when both hostapd and FreeRADIUS support mature a bit.

> Do I need to add IP info 
> to the wlan0ap device?  Shouldn't after auth just forward the traffic 
> to the wlan0 device?  I haven't really dug too deep yet but just wanted 
> to know if my settings were correct.

No, wlan0ap does not need an IP address. If that 'auth' is refering to
authorization (and not authentication), yes, you should be able get
data traffic going after that. As far as I can tell, your configuration
looked fine.

> Station 00:02:dd:32:48:e0 authenticated (open system)
> Station 00:02:dd:32:48:e0 associated (aid 1)

802.11 authentication and associated completed

> Minimal Authentication Server: station 00:02:dd:32:48:e0 EAP 
> Response-Identity: (len=10) 'owens'
> IEEE 802.1X: Authorizing station 00:02:dd:32:48:e0

802.1x completed. After this, you should be able to send data frames to
and from the station. Did WinXP report that the authentication was
successful (after you entered username and password, or whatever it
asked)? Did you use WinXP with or without service pack 1? Which wlan
card was used in the client?

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