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Doug Yeager doug at aircomwireless.net
Thu Dec 5 11:19:57 EST 2002

I'm looking for some kind of help guild to explain to me the basic
concepts of WEP.
Right now I have a few wireless nodes serving various coffee shops.  I
have not experimented with WEP.
What I think it does is this:  allow any client to select to use WEP and
pick their own key.
Then they can talk w/ the AP using that encryption key that they picked.
But those who just want to talk w/ the AP w/o WEP can do so also.  
I may be wrong on how WEP is used but that is what I thought it should
I've experimented w/ setting my AP in open mode w/ some random key using
iwconfig util.  
Iwconfig wlan0 s:aircom open
This doesn't seem to do what I want.  Actually it cuts off communication
to my clients.
If someone could clear up how wep is used, it may help a bit along with
what commands to enable it how it want to use it would be helpful.
Or if a document tells me somewhere, that reference would be great.
Thx much,
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