deauthentication on setting WEP key

Brian Pomerantz bapper at
Wed Dec 4 20:38:19 EST 2002

Excellent!  It was a simple change.  In case anyone else wants a quick
link to it:

I tried it and it now works, thanks.


On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 02:16:22AM +0100, Jacques Caron wrote:
> Hi,
> Look through the archives (of the old mailing list, I'm afraid, don't know 
> if they are actually still online?), I remember someone posting a patch 
> that avoids this particular behavior:
> >From: Glenn.Durfee at
> >To: hostap at
> >Subject: dynamic WEP keying
> >Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 16:04:32 PDT
> Don't know if it was integrated in the CVS tree, though.
> Jacques.
> At 02:12 05/12/2002, Brian Pomerantz wrote:
> >I'm using the hostap driver in managed mode (client) to connect to a
> >Cisco Aironet 350.  I'm using xsupplicant to handle the 802.1x
> >transaction and everything looks like it is working just fine until
> >the broadcast and unicast WEP keys are set.  At this point the hostap
> >driver sends a deauthentication packet with reason 3 (station is
> >leaving).  What this does it makes it so the EAP/TLS transaction needs
> >to be restarted (at least as far as the Cisco is concerned) making a
> >very bad loop where connectivity is never reached.
> >
> >Before I dive in and try to find exactly where in the set key ioctl()
> >this behavior is occurring, is there a setting or something that
> >prevents this behavior?  I can provide packet traces and register
> >dumps if that is useful.
> >
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