deauthentication on setting WEP key

Brian Pomerantz bapper at
Wed Dec 4 20:12:34 EST 2002

I'm using the hostap driver in managed mode (client) to connect to a
Cisco Aironet 350.  I'm using xsupplicant to handle the 802.1x
transaction and everything looks like it is working just fine until
the broadcast and unicast WEP keys are set.  At this point the hostap
driver sends a deauthentication packet with reason 3 (station is
leaving).  What this does it makes it so the EAP/TLS transaction needs
to be restarted (at least as far as the Cisco is concerned) making a
very bad loop where connectivity is never reached.

Before I dive in and try to find exactly where in the set key ioctl()
this behavior is occurring, is there a setting or something that
prevents this behavior?  I can provide packet traces and register
dumps if that is useful.


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