receive frames with FCS errors

Jean Tourrilhes jt at
Wed Dec 4 16:29:42 EST 2002

Antonio Vilei wrote :
> Does it mean that frames with FCS errors are discarded by the card?

	Yes, because :
	o for most FCS errors the receiver didn't manage to
synchronise to the bit stream, so there is nothing to receive.
	o if the FCS didn't check, you can't trust the 802.11 header
(packet len, packet type, dest address and co).
	o error in unlicensed band are usually clustered (fading,
interference), which means that packet that would "look" OK are
usually not really usefull (which explain why FEC is useless, ask
people using BlueTooth-SCO links about it).
	So, receiving frame with FCS error is generally not possible.



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