What hardware to buy. WAS Re:(no subject)

Rogan Lynch rogan at lynchdom.dyndns.org
Tue Dec 3 18:09:45 EST 2002

1. Available to buy now, works with hostap driver

I use an Intel 2011b PCI in my old pentium 166 LEAF Router: it's reall a 
rebranded Xircom miniPCI in a sleave. I have also used ealy model linksys 
wmp11s (mfctred before June of this year) 

2. PCI, or ISA (If anyone knows whether an Actiontec PC700 pcmcia > isa 
card adapter works pcmcia would be ok)

PCI.... The adapters from ISA to PCMCIA are fine... but finding a PCMCIA 
card with an external antenna jack is tough...

3. doesn't require a 2.2pci bios

See comment 1...

4. external antenna jack (would really like this one)

See comment 2

5. good power out ~100mw would be nice
The Intel seems to get up to 100mW, but the Linksys only got to 95mW

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