Compiling problems with RedHat

Peter Buelow pete at
Tue Dec 3 17:28:54 EST 2002

  Can you just copy and paste the errors into a reply? It'll be long, but
I would still like to see them, and others may too. The first compiler
error line is probably the most interesting and will provide the most
guidance as to the exact problem. Also, what version of wireless tools
are you building this agains? I don't think that matters, as I believe
there aren't any intersting header files in there, but I thought I would
ask. RH8 is version 25, but I'm not sure about the other two.

>> Couple of questions.
>> 1. Which version of Redhat (I'm guessing 8, but just to make sure)
> Same problem in Redhat 7.2 and 7.3.
>> 2. Can you post the actual compiler error(s)?
> Many error lines from ethtool.h. Parse errors,
> ";" missing, "}" missing, etc. If I remember right.
> I can compile the driver (hostap_cs) itself and I can
> drive the card, but the other stuff under /utils and
> /hostapd directories doesn't compile.
> Regards, Jar

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