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Andrew O'Brien koraob at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 3 02:34:56 EST 2002

Hello list,
	I want to integrate wireless access into my linux firewall using HostAP.  I 
have been researching the supported cards available for this, namely the 
Linksys WMP11 and D-Link DWL-520, and have not come up with a clear winner.  
The problem with the D-link is that I have read that it *requires* a 2.2pci 
bios and my machine is only a Pentium so that is no good and the I have read 
several places that the WMP11 now uses a different chipset that doesn't have 
a driver (I *hate* Linksys for this, they did it for their LNE100tx eth card 
also).  So around to the question does anyone know of a suitable card with 
the following specs, in order of importance:
1. Available to buy now, works with hostap driver
2. PCI, or ISA (If anyone knows whether an Actiontec PC700 pcmcia > isa card 
adapter works pcmcia would be ok)
3. doesn't require a 2.2pci bios
4. external antenna jack (would really like this one)
5. good power out ~100mw would be nice
Please reply to koraob at hotmail.com as I am not a member of this list *yet*.
		Andrew O'Brien

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