Compiling problems with RedHat

Peter Buelow pete at
Mon Dec 2 17:04:09 EST 2002

Couple of questions.
1. Which version of Redhat (I'm guessing 8, but just to make sure)
2. Can you post the actual compiler error(s)?

I won't say "It works for me", but it does, so gonna need more help from
you to identify the actual problem.

Quick note. There is a problem with hostap_pci and RH8.0 kernel 2.4.18-17
that causes a kernel panic when loading hostap_2002-10-12. The problem
seems to go away with the 2.4.18-18 kernel.

> I can't compile the stuff under /utils and /hostapd directories when the
> hostap-2002-10-12 or CVS version is used with RedHat's recent  kernels
> 2.4.18-17-7 or 2.4.18-18-7. Something wrong in
> <linux/wireless.h> or
> <linux/ethtool.h> in RedHat kernels ? It there any solution ?
> Regards, Jar
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