HostAP Drivers with non-Prism2

Ian Cass ian.cass at
Mon Dec 2 12:14:26 EST 2002

> These cards are not command-compatible with Prism-II cards, and require a
> seperate driver.

OK that's cool. But why does the HostAP README.Prism2 seem to suggest it
should work?

> If your card uses and AMD firmware, you may need to download the legacy
> driver from,

Unfortunately, I can't manage to compile that with 2.4.19. I don't really
want to go back to an old 2.2 kernel.

> otherwise you can use the 2MB driver we wrote
> for Teletronics which is hosted on their site.  The driver has Access
> mode.

I'll look that one up, thanks.

Ian Cass

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